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Caffeine Gum

World's Strongest Caffeine Gum


125mg of caffeine per piece, the equivalent to 1.25 cups of coffee

Conveniently packaged, so you do not have to wait in line to check out of a coffee shop 

A lot less sugar than your typical energy drink. With only 1g of sugar, you can avoid all those unnecessary calories.

Formulated to efficiently satisfy your caffeine needs by bypassing the digestive system and entering your body through the buccal administration

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Christina G., FL

I use Maax Gum right after lunch. For me it's the quickest and easiest way to get an instant energy fix that gets me through the rest of my day.

Anthony F., NY

Maax Gum is my pre-workout supplement. It's quick and doesn't make me feel bloated. Sometimes I take it in the middle of a workout or while on a long run. 

Lisa K., MI

I live off coffee and have for many years. But once 4pm hits, the last thing I want is more coffee... Maax Gum is perfect for these situations. Can't get enough of it.

Alexis A., CA

I love Maax Gum. It helps me focus and get things done. I've used it whenever I need to complete a task or get a project completed.


Caffeine has shown to improve mood, decrease the likelihood of depression and protect against certain diseases.


Caffeine has been studied, tested, and proven to increase cognitive function. While traditionally it has been consumed through liquid form, now you have the ability to just chew it!

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Easy math. We're cheaper than energy drinks and cheaper than the coffee from your local coffee shop.

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