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This is about YOU. 


You’re the one who gets up every morning. You’re the one who fights the urge to stay in bed. The one who has a ton of S@#%^ (stuff) to get done today. The one who has to fight with bosses, argue with colleagues, study till late, meet deadlines, grind, and hustle. You’re the one who has to tackle obstacles and put out fires. 


And to do all of this feeling tired and exhausted makes it that much harder. Our mission is to help you change that and get you energized and focused FOR ANY OCCASION. We want to help you be the best version of yourself. 


Maax Caffeine Gum was made with you in mind: 125mg of caffeine per piece (about 1.25 cups of coffee), quick and convenient because you don’t have the time, and an affordable price because, let’s be honest, it gets annoying buying expensive coffee. This is our way of helping you.

Late Night Work Session

Need to power through and meet a deadline? We got you.


The perfect pre workout gum. Make sure to have the energy to finish strong!

Party Pick-Me-Up

Dead tired before a party? Chew on this for 10 minutes and enjoy the rest of the day!

Late night studying

When you need to study for a big exam there's no better choice than maax gum to keep you awake and focused.

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