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We understand the everyday struggles teachers and administration face: restless students, lesson planning, grading papers at night, hard-to-please parents, and unnecessary backlash from outsiders. We want to help with the overbearing workload you deal with by giving you the energy to excel at work and still take care of your personal life. We acknowledge the long days and nights you work while fighting through exhaustion. While we can’t be right there next to you to help, we can offer you free packs of Maax Caffeinated Gum to help you accomplish your daily goals. All we need is your school email and the address where you can receive your gift. We know Maax gum can help you find the energy that may seem lost throughout the day. It will make you feel great again.

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*Two packs of gum per employee. Limited to one order per employee. This offer is only for people residing in the United States.

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